Thursday, March 30, 2006

Newspaper Archives, what the!

Read the 'Canberra Times' last Saturday (25/03/06). There was an article about a speech that Julia Gillard made recently at the NSW Fabian Society. The speech was about what Labor should do to beat John Howard.

Went online today, 31/03, to try to get the text of the article. I did searches of the paper's archives on ‘Gillard’, ‘Labor’ and ‘Howard’ and could not find the article. According to the searches, neither the word ‘Gillard’ nor ‘Labor’ even appeared in last Saturday’s paper.

Someone has either legal, policy or technical issues to figure out about the quality & usage of their archives!

To point ‘em in the right direction, here is what Doc Searls write in his Mercury Falling post!

Get net-native, not net-hostile!

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