Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Queensland: How the West was lost.

Spent some time at home around Christmas time. There is an interesting/melancholy situation at home currently.

With people selling up or moving to other jobs, it looks like we don’t have enough kids to keep the school bus. People are trying to employee workers/get share farmers with primary school aged kids. Without extra kids, we’re likely to loose the bus during the year. Without the bus, we’re likely loose some of the remaining kids to other schools, local and not so local.

Looks like we may loose the local primary school at the end of the year, depending on what happens to numbers.

Without the local school, it makes it that much harder the keep/get young farmers and farm workers with young kids in the future too. Given that there has been Labor Queensland state governments for all but two of the last 20 years and we’re west of the Great Divide. Once we loose the school, it unlikely we would ever get it back, this side of peak oil.