Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I surrendered

The end of last year, someone broke into the car and stole the battery.

Well last week, it was the whole car.

Can out to go to work last Tuesday and it was gone. Reported it to the cops and bussed it to work.

The cops rang at 3:30pm on Wednesday, to say that the car had been found, 5 kms out of town on the road to Cooma. Got out there in the evening, the bastards had broken all the glass and driven it into something & punched the radiator.

It took 4 fills of water to get the car back home. Teed up my regular mechanic to get a rough figure to fix it. The earliest they could fit it in was Tuesday this week. Saw them this morning (Wednesday), they said it was not worth fixing (as I was expecting).

Took the plates off and surrendered them today.

I was 15K short of the magic 500K. I’l miss the old girl. Sniff.

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