Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pop-up adds on TV? (News and Ads as one: Part 2)

This Content is King post with comments was posted to Cameron Reilly’s blog today.

It’s about this story in ‘The Age’.

For me these ‘pasted billboards’ are to TV, what Pop-up ads are to the Internet! To pursue this analogy, the scrolling banner is the text ad of TV.

I beg that content produces use the scrolling banner and keep some visible border between the content and the promotional materials that pay for it.

Do we need to go to the US magazine solution, where full page ads (and multi page ads) must have a ‘this is paid advertisement’ at the top or bottom of their advertorials. How could you police this solution on the global Internet, anyway? This enforcement issue is why I used the word ‘beg’ in the previous paragraph.

Is 'News and Add as one', the future?

I must get around to that RSS to text to voice hack sometime!

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