Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC, Biden and The Oil Drum on Trains and Peak Oil

It Democratic Nation Convention time in the US at the moment. I'm going to pull a few thread together and point at some goodness that could follow.

The Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden is a well know rail champion. He could be a major factor in taking some major peak oil/global warming action in the US (if elected).

Last year I blog on what we should be doing in Queensland and Australia generally.

Last month, TheOilDrum a peak oil site, ran a great article about railway electrification in the US. Lots of debate and chatter persued, all good value :)

Here are wikipedia's notes on railway electrification (root page), and pages related to the UK and the US.

If Joe Biden does choose to pursue this and succeeds, it will likely be his greatest contribution to his country. It would be what he's remembered for, short of getting himself enpeached. So Joe, no late night expedition to the Republican Party Nation Headquarters!


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