Monday, July 30, 2007

Carbon Bumper Stickers

Better late that never.

Last weekend, 21 & 22, I went down to Melbourne for an IT workshop.

While there I was park behind little red Hyundai. It had a big bumper sticker with “This vehicle’s emissions have been offset”, and in small print “Men of the Trees WA Inc”.

First thing I wounded was “Is that for this year's carbon or last years?” Normal Rego stickers have the year of coverage is printed in big black letters on the sticker.

I had a look at their web site, it’s hard to tell, but it looks like their project are what I call ‘percentage coverage’ projects. Timber lines, clumps and alike. Good stuff.

What worries me is project that cover the landscape from fence to fence, creating a monoculture of a given tree mix. Not a mosaic of cover and open country.

My number one option is alternate energy schemes. That is, not to burn fossil carbon in the first place. For me, tree coverage should be a decision driven by the custodian’s knowledge of the land, not by some carbon exchange on Wall Street, The City or Chicago.


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