Thursday, April 20, 2006

Meet Sid & Nancy, the Stirling Engines.

I have also just found these pics

The interesting ones are:

Inside the AASTINO, jetfuel from the stirling engine has leaked and caused the blue anti-static map to bubble - and it stinks.

Sid the Stirling engine arrives on a sled behind the skidoo

Nancy the Stirling engines heads back to the factory

Jon fits the engine cover onto Nancy

Jon fills the Stirling engine with coolant

So, what can we tell from these pics & their caption.

They run on 'Jetfuel', so I'll assume they mean 'avgas', unless someone cares to correct me.

Therefore the Stirling engines are High Temperature Differential (HTD) engines. Their relatively small size seams confirms this.

The 'coolant' is Glycol, I assume this mean that the operating fluid is Glycol.


More googling shows what I expected, they are Whispergen engines, made by Whisper Tech in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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