Monday, September 12, 2005

Call For Tenders: Contract on Sydney CBD Traffic Planners

Went to the Sydney CBD yesterday evening. The first time there, since the opening of the cross city tunnel.

Usually it takes me 20 to 30 mins to get from the top of the M5 to where I park, in the City West (King/Kent/Sussex streets) area. This is during peak hour times, as I’m usually going to the Sydney XP Activity Club (SyXPAC) geek nights. I try to get up to Sydney for this, about once a month.

Last night it took me 70 minutes to get parked! Got forced across the Habour Bridge once (first time ever) and ended up in Pyrmont/Darling Habour twice!

The worst bit was that by the time I parked, it was after 7.00pm, and Borders Books was closed! Borders are the only place I know, that offer a good selection of US magazines that don’t generally make it to the local news agents. I usually buy two mags (that have cheap, crappy Australian editions). Must rings Borders today, and see if they will hold this months’ editions for me.

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